Our Company Profile

It gives me incredible pleasure to look at Absolute Integrity Services Cleaning and Consulting venture today and at the people and partnerships that made it what it is.

Absolute Integrity Services is a commercial cleaning and consulting enterprise that started on the basis of a vibrant and fresh outlook on the cleaning market. It is established to suit a market that is fast losing the quality input and the customer focus. There are many competitors today flooding the market, but this business will not be just another number. It will endeavor to change the perception of Contract Cleaning.

It is a company built on Integrity in delivering a quality product, in meeting customer's needs, and in improving the cleanliness of the working environment.

From the beginning, I had a clear vision of where I would like the company to be in the future, an enterprise that would be forever driven by individual achievement and governed by a common goal: to develop long term, successful partnerships with our people and our clients. So working and understanding this goal is an integral part of our organization.

I understood that before an organization of this caliber could be created, there were many skills I would need to develop within myself and my team. I have worked extremely hard to gain these skills, learning from my own successes and failures, and from clients who were constantly disappointed.

Although all of us within the organization define success differently, we recognize that our success, however defined, can only be achieved collectively.

Absolute Integrity Services exists to cater for the real needs of the client, minimize disappointment, and increase satisfaction by delivering quality, dependability, honesty, professionalism, environment protection, appropriate price, consulting and long term relationship. In simple terms, it will deliver what it promises.

Absolute Integrity Services is backed up by outstanding legal, professional, and financial advisors.

Sam Baissari
Founder & Director