Occupational Health and Safety

The occupational health and safety of all persons employed within Absolute Integrity Services and those visiting its premises is considered to be of the utmost importance. Resources in line with the importance attached to occupational health and safety will be made available to comply with all relevant Acts and Regulations and to ensure that the workplace is safe and without risk to health.

Management responsibility

The management of Absolute Integrity Services will ensure the health, safety and welfare of its employees by:

  1. Maintaining places of work in a safe condition, and ensuring safe entrances and exits;
  2. Making arrangements for ensuring the safe use, handling, storage and transport of plant and substances;
  3. Providing and maintaining systems of work, and working environments, that are safe and without risks to health;
  4. Providing the information, instruction, training and supervision necessary to ensure the health and safety of employees;
  5. Providing adequate facilities for the welfare of the employees.

Occupational health and safety program

In order to implement the general provisions of this policy, a program of activities and procedures will be set up, continually updated and effectively carried out. The program will relate to all aspects of occupational health and safety including:

  1. OH&S training and education
  2. Workplace design and standard work methods
  3. Changes to work methods and practice
  4. Safety rules, including penalties
  5. Emergency procedures
  6. Workplace inspections and evaluations
  7. Reporting and recording of incidents, accidents, injuries and illnesses
  8. Provision of information to employees, contractors and sub-contractors.